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1. What is the price of an ALICE DUPRAZ-TOULOUSE Paris wedding dress?


What our prices include:


The entire made-to-measure process and alterations:


• An appointment to take your measurements

• A fitting the cotton canvas version (“toile”) of your dress

• A fitting of your dress  in the real fabric without finishing

• The final fitting of your wedding dress on the day of delivery

Pieces handmade in Paris, materials from the same suppliers as luxury labels (Prada, Dior...).

And of course, the advice of Alice, the designer, and her availability by message 6 days a week to answer all your questions.

Our prices range from  €2,500 to  €3,800 for a dress and from €1,600 to €2,600 for a trouser set. For a bespoke designed that would not be based  on our collections, the price will start from €3,500 (for a long dress).


2. How does my first wedding dress fitting go?


Alice, the designer, welcomes you and advises you during your fittings in our showroom in the heart of Paris.

You discuss the atmosphere, the style of your wedding, your favorite shapes and materials, what you like about your silhouette and what you prefer not to highlight.

The appointment lasts 1 hour, which leaves time to try on about 5 pieces. It allows you to define one or more favorites, to think about customizing a piece or to consider a bespoke design.

Once the fitting is over, you will receive information about your favorite pieces.

You can then come back for a second fitting if you wish to confirm your choice or be accompanied by someone who was not present the first time.

3. What does mean "a made-to-measure wedding dress "?

Once your wedding dress has been chosen from our collections, it is made to measure in Paris in at least 4 appointments:


1 - Taking your measurements: we take your measurements and you try on the chosen dress again in order to define the alterations and the potential customizations.


2 - The “toile” fitting: your dress is first made in a cotton fabric in order to adjust it perfectly before sewing it in its final fabric.


3 - The final fabric fitting without finishing: your dress begins to take shape, we mark the final alterations  and the height of your hem.


4 - Final fitting and delivery: we check that everything fits perfectly, we make the final alterations if necessary and you leave with your dress ready for the big day.


In the case of a bespoke design, it will be necessary to add a few steps in order to confirm the sketch of the dress and its materials.

4. When should I choose my wedding dress?

For more peace of mind, we recommend that you choose your dress at least 6 months before the date of your wedding if it is a piece from the collection, 8 months if it is a bespoke design.


For a shorter period, the feasibility of the project will be studied according to the complexity of the dress chosen and the availability of materials.


5. What materials are used to make your wedding dresses?

Our pieces are made exclusively in noble materials woven in France or Italy by manufacturers working for the biggest houses (Dior, Prada, Chanel).


We favor natural fibers such as cotton or silk and use when possible, qualities from non-renewed stocks. Our favorite materials: satin and silk crepe, moire, silk taffeta, ottoman and guipure lace.


6. Do you make plus size wedding dresses?

Yes, of course, all our pieces are made to your measurements, so the dress adapts to you and not the other way around.


The prototypes available for fitting in the showroom can for the most part be tried on up to size 42-44 FR. Beyond that, we can discuss your wishes and take inspiration from the shapes that enhance your silhouette in order to help you choose or design your dress.


7. Which wedding dress suits my body type?

Each bride is unique and has her own body type. Flowy or structured material, V or heart-shaped neckline, straight skirt or flared skirt, our dresses are designed to adapt and highlight different body types. For us, one credo to find your wedding dress: to feel beautiful, to feel comfortable and to feel yourself. Let yourself be guided by Alice's advice during your fitting to find THE dress that will sublimate you.

Other questions ? Contact-us.

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